Pricing & Session


Rs 15000

Maternity Photo Includes  1.5 hrs of session , recommend scheduling your maternity session between 28-35 weeks.  One outfit available to use at no additional cost. Partners and children are always more then welcome (and encouraged) to be part of the session.
25-40 Digital high Resolution edited pictures
1 Photo Frame  10*12 Size
1 Pendrive


Rs 25000

Family Photosession including siblings , Babies / Children and Family uotp 4 members  . Includes 3 to 4 hr of session family photosession is only done in outdoor and location can be on your choice .
25-40 Digital high Resolution edited pictures
10*12 photoframe
one Pendrive


Rs 25000

New born  upto 4 weeks ,  however upto 12 days is advisable In this package it will includes 2 to 3 hour of session extensive use of our breathtakingly monumental range of props , and 3 to 4 setups .
25-40 Digital high Resolution edited pictures
10*12 photoframe, one Pendrive


Rs 20000/-

Cake Smash is the celebration of baby when they complete their one year of journey and , there’s only one way to celebrate: with a cake smash. … A cake smash is where a one-year-old gets very messy with a cake . This trend is usually a celebration of the first bite of cake for the baby  in a unique way .
1.5 Hrs of Session
10*12 Size Photoframe
one pendrive
Cake complimentary


Rs 20000/-

Kids or Toddler baby upto 5 years starting from 8 months is advisable
this includes a 2.5 to 3 hr of session
above 3 year of baby is advisable for outdoor photosession . Location on your choice .
25-40 Digital high Resolution edited pictures
10*12 photoframe
one Pendrive
10*12 photoframe, one Pendrive


Rs 15000/-

Portrait photography or portraiture in photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.
1 hr of session
15-20 Edited  Digital pictures
10* 12 Size Photoframe


I thought I’d discuss this rather tricky topic as I actually get asked this in my sessions and It is hard to say why one photographer charges a certain amount more than another or a certain amount less but there are quite a few factors that go into running a newborn photography business that effect how much a newborn photographer charges.
here is Why i charge fee ? Why you pay me ? I felt like this was going to be too long of an explanation.
Here’s why
First off, newborn photography is an art and well, generally you get what you pay for. A professional newborn photographer invests lots of time , special trainings practice to develop their art. I’ve specialised in newborn photography and internationally certified by Ana Brandt the other factor newborn photography isn’t easy.
  1. Studio and costs– Having a proper well maintained baby friendly with extensive props is more costly then other regular studio and we can imagine how much a newborn photographer has to charge to cover their basic outgoing costs.
  2. Training: I have invested amount for specific training , international certified course . hundreds of hours to learn proper safety and posing techniques for little babies , Newborn photography is one of the hardest genres to learn and proper technique and placement of your babies .
  3. Equipments : In order to even take pictures, a newborn photographer has to have high-quality equipment , various lenses, lighting, computer and editing softwares. The more these are used, the more they need to be repaired or replaced every few years.
  4.  Flexibility: Babies come on their own timeline. We can plan and pick dates all we want but they show up when they’re good and ready. I cannot designate a day on my calendar for a session until the baby is actually born. Sessions need to be done within a two week window after birth. This means that there are a limited number of sessions I can book per month. Limiting the number of sessions means upping the cost to make up the difference in my number of clients
  5. Time: Newborn photography takes time. A typical outdoor family session can be achieved anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour depending on the package you book. The average full gallery newborn session can last 2-3 hours or more with multiples. Once the baby arrives it needs to be fed and then soothed to sleep. From there we move to posing, soothing, positioning, changing backdrops, changing outfits, stuffing props, cleaning messes, stopping for cuddle time, and possibly another feeding. Those of you who have seen me work know it takes a lot of patience to get every finger and toe settled into the perfect place and position. It took many hours to learn how to manipulate your little ones in a way that does not disturb them.
  6.  Editing: My work only just begins when you leave my studio, I pay myself for my time. The amount of time spent editing is more time consuming compared to most other sessions. as new born baby are more flexible we need to do comoposit shot and to fix it nee to invest more time on composite images . Similarly Newborn babies skin can be red, yellow, purple, blotchy, acne covered, or all of the above. They come with peeling skin, stork bites, hairy bodies and to fix it all we need to work very hard on those part.
  7.  Many Newborn Props: Although they may be for the smallest humans, the outfits for newborns are probably the most expensive. I spend lots of money on newborn outfit , headbands , bonnet, wraps romper and many more . Newborn poop can stain and occasionally things cannot be hand washed and have to get thrown and replaced. After every session things need to get washed , sanitized and more upto date with hygiene and for sanitary reasons so the clothes And props get old outdated and need to replaced with new one . I am constantly ordering new designs for all of you in order to provide a variety of quality choices for your family.
Lastly, I ask you to remember that while this is a passion of mine, it is not just a hobby. It is a business. I do not do every day session but I have bills to pay and a family to support just like all of you. I pay taxes, rent, electricity bill , and have to buy groceries just like everyone else. These days, it seems like anyone and everyone calls themselves a photographer. However, it really takes time, money, and passion to get to know your craft and give your clients quality and professionalism. I urge all of you to consider these things next time you’re pricing photographers in your area. We make room in our budgets for so many extras; trips to the movies, dining out, the latest cell phones, etc. The cost of documenting your memories should be priceless.
About Cake Smash Session

Cake Smash is the celebration of baby when they complete their one year of journey and , there’s only one way to celebrate: with a cake smash. … A cake smash is where a one-year-old gets very messy with a cake . This trend is usually a celebration of the first bite of cake for the baby in a unique way .

Things to remember while you order cake .

.We suggest to choose for professional cake , with whipped or butter cream frosting so the cake is easy to dig into.
. We don’t recommend for fondant cake and candies (GEM ) chocolate toping cake because it is tough to break and can be a choking hazard.
. Also Consider whether your baby is allergic to things like wheat, egg, refined sugar etc.