Frequently Asked Questions and Answer About My Project

We believe in authentic and natural newborn, baby, and children photography. We put our heart into capturing the little details that make you a unique family. We love documenting the real which is why we try to keep posing to a minimum and prefer exploring who you are with real interactions.
Choosing the right newborn photographer is a tough decision. You can take comfort in knowing I also have registered nurse as a care taker while taking pictures a free lancer photographer and years of photography experience, so your baby will always be in safe hands as well.

What Props do you use for my session ?

The props I use are carefully selected from local and international vendors which most of them were ordered from abroad . there is a authentic and good collection of props . However if client do have any specific requirements can bring their and own and can book for the special session collection. My all props and Clothes cleaned and sanitized prior to the session. Safety is our top priority. the pictures that are shown is the display is different then our session . Supervision will be given at all times when using our props to ensure no harm to your little ones. always with the assistant , Nursing Hand

Can you provide In-Home Session?

Yes we can. A call out  fee is extra charge is Rs 5000 /- as we need to carry all the props and backdrops according to the feasibility . If the space and location is not suitable from the aspect of child , babies and lights then we do not take a onsite service

Where are you located?

We are located in Pokhara , Naghunga , and we are only based on Pokhara valley.

What type of camera and equipment do you use?

I’m a Nikon girl! My main camera is D7100 . Have choices of  lenses.

What is the best time for baby photography ?

Newborn babies are ideal to photograph between 5 & 14 days old, when they are still very flexible and womb-like and spend most of their time sleeping.Feeding and nap times are important, Typically, within the first two weeks works best for newborns. If for some reason your baby is unable to be photographed during this time frame, or you have already missed out this time frame, don’t worry, with the exception of possibly a few poses, we will still be able to capture as many beautiful and special images of your baby.
About the Session Timing :- “Its a home studio so the sessions typically last 3-4 hours which includes portraits of the baby on his or her own and then with each parent . That may seem like a long time, but usually about half of that time is spent feeding and comforting the baby to get him or her as sleepy and happy as possible for the portraits.”
During the Session Parents can be nervous. If your baby is crying, you have to trust the photographer and our nursing assistant where to be able to comfort her. Continuously swooping in and handing the baby back and forth can make an infant even more distressed. My advice is to take a deep breath and relax. I know its easy to be nervous, especially when it’s your first, but the best thing a parent can do is sit back and take a couple hours to check their email, listen to music or just enjoy watching their newborn in all these adorable poses.

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