London is the capital city in England of United Kingdom; it is a largest city in the United Kingdom and the largest measure in the European Union. London knows as the one of the world’s key global cities and the important international financial centre, has the highest GDP’s city in Europe. Its five international airports, which make its airspace was the busiest by the number of international passengers; London most visited city in the world. There are 43 universities from the assembly of higher education in European countries. London has a different range of people, religion and cultures, and more than 300 languages were use in its. There are four World Heritage Sites of London and other famous land marks. London was developed evolutionary economy, arts and architectures since the period of middle ages that provide the key characteristics as a created economy and temples of great significance and complexity. London found by Romans about 50 AD who called it Londinium. London was the most important and biggest city during the medieval times. The essay would be discussing the main section of daily life of population, government, economy, architectures and arts in medieval period.

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